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Why Email Marketing Fail

"E-mail marketing is an effective tool to connect with prospective customers however not all campaigns yield the same result, so it's important to understand why E-mail marketing might fail." Here are some pointers which every... 0 Comment

Understanding Data Science

What Is Data Science ? Data science is about collecting the data from different sources and processing it to form data sets that can be transformed into statistical models/analysis or try make predictions basis the... 0 Comment

A-Z of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a portal we all are very much aware about and it’s one of the most popular social networking platform as on date, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month, this…

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Digital Marketing Strategy Decoded

Digital Marketing is marketing a product/service online,its different as compared to conventional marketing as its specific, measurable, targeted and intent based. Digital Marketing Mediums Digital Marketing Strategy Define Goals While defining goals first understand where... 0 Comment

Introductory Session On Digital Marketing Live Stream – 2

In this Introductory Session On Digital Marketing you will get to know about the basic concepts, strategies, benefits and goals in - Social Media Monitoring-0:24-10:43mins Email Marketing, Email Automation-32:30 to 40-57mins. Display Ads, Adservers, Adsense-10:43-31:00... 0 Comment

How To Optimise Your Content For Google Answer Box / Zero Rank

Want to learn More about digital marketing implementation and strategies for managing and growing your business in a more structured way ? Join the most detailed Digital Marketing Course with us.

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Why Every Small And Medium Business Owner Needs To Learn Digital Marketing

"I am a business owner and have a team of resources who work for me. I Don't think i should be learning  Digital Marketing" A General thought that most SMB's have . However there are... 0 Comment

Fancy Your Chances To Kick Start A Digital Marketing Career

Whats The Scope Of Digital Marketing A Student Looking To Kick Start A Career: Wide scope caters to all industries. Shortage of qualified digital marketers. More companies are opting for in house team of Digital... 0 Comment

Introductory Session On Digital Marketing Live Stream – 1

In this Introduction Session On Digital Marketing you will learn about the basic concepts, strategies, benefits and goals in SEO (On page and Off Page), Google AdWords, Real Time Bidding (RTB), Social Media (Facebook, Instagram,... 0 Comment

HDFC To Slash nearly 4,500 Jobs ? Is Digital Marketing One Of The Reasons

HDFC will let go of nearly 4,500 employees in the October-December quarter, falling earnings growth to an 18-year low and increasing costs have been a big focus area.The bank indicated that future hiring pace could... 0 Comment