Why Email Marketing Fail

email marketing

“E-mail marketing is an effective tool to connect with prospective customers however not all campaigns yield the same result, so it’s important to understand why E-mail marketing might fail.”

Here are some pointers which every E-mail marketer should consider:

1. Spam

There are multiple reasons which may result in making your mail a spam some of them are:

  • Subject Line Keywords: If keywords are Vague, Irrelevant and not addressing the content to follow.
  • Mail Body Keywords: If the keywords are not well researched may land up in Spam.
  • Induces Inquisitiveness: Words that generate curiosity like Sale,Offer too much may land up in spam, so the words have to carefully chosen which should generate interest but should not be inquisitive.
2. Personalised content for better connect

Content should connect with the audience and hence should be segmented ex:- content for a business owner can not be the same for a working professional.

3. Email optimised for mobile phones

Nearly 40-50% of all emails are opened on smartphones, and almost 70% of the users delete the mails that are not optimized for mobile phones. Insert images that are not heavy and load quickly, increase the size of the links that you wish your readers to click so that they get highlighted properly. Highlight CTA buttons. Break down text into small paragraphs which are easy to read on a mobile screen.

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4. Preferred to use Double Optin / Optin Database

Optin database is a good source since you are sure the mail id is not fake, but it’s better to go for a double opt in database to be absolutely sure about the audience you are targeting is interested to hear from you.

5. Segmenting email list and separate e-mailers for each

Customers are not same neither are their requirements, so it’s important to create your list of customers basis the customer decision funnel/sales funnel.

6. Regular cleaning of email list

If your email marketing efforts result in hard bounces immediately clean them off from your mailing list, if you continue to mail to full or closed accounts it will have a very big hit on your sender score, a low sender score may result in you being blacklisted by many major email clients.

7. Use separate domains and servers for random database

If using random database which you may have collected over a period of time or have bought it from a third party, chances are they may be obsolete or are fake, so potentially there is a risk of hard bounce, if you are using your main server or business domain it may land up being blacklisted by service providers, therefore it’s advisable to use separate domains and servers to manage the risk.

8. Email frequency and duration

Frequency of email should add value to your customers, how this value be gauged, the parameters for the same to understand are :
Open Rate
Unsubscribed rate
Conversion rate(From Email)

Basis the value you can add to your customer the frequency can be decided.
Daily: Best for information based products.
Frequently: 1-3 times a week good fit if you are into e-commerce or say interior decoration.
Sporadically: If your services are such which are not needed frequently,then it’s better you mail once a month say for example electrician, vehicle servicing.

Basis the buying cycle of your product the call needs to be taken.

9. Relevant Landing pages

You have done all the hard work your emails are getting response and generating clicks but if you don’t have relevant landing pages this entire effort may go in vein as users experience is spoilt, if he’s not redirected to relevant landing page, so it’s critical to link relevant landing page.

10. Email content addressing the target audience need

Content is one of the most important part of the e-mail that catches the eye of the reader, the content should be fresh, should be interesting and engaging. Content should be designed basis the need of the target audience and hence it’s important the lists should be well segmented.

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