Why Every Small And Medium Business Owner Needs To Learn Digital Marketing

“I am a business owner and have a team of resources who work for me. I Don’t think i should be learning  Digital Marketing”

A General thought that most SMB’s have . However there are few line of thoughts which we believe should be considered before you formulate such a thought process.

You Are The captain of the ship

Since you are the captain of your business, you would know where your business currently stands and where you want to reach. Learning and understanding the scope and possibilities within digital marketing might open up new dimensions for your business with respect to :

  • Customer acquisition
  • Product Offerings
  • Customer Relations
  • Product packaging
  • Global Outreach

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I have a team to implement Digital Marketing

Our general observation has been , that a lot of SMB’s can afford to hire good implementer but find it expensive to hire good strategists with understanding of all available options within digital marketing. Once you learn digital marketing implementation you:

  • Set Right expectations- A lot of business hire digital marketers and expect them to take the business to the next level setting unrealistic expectations. While digital marketers are responsible to drive right customer to your business, its the business which fails to translate into revenues.
  • Ensure Your Understanding of the business translates into perfect implementation and hence results.
  • Guide the team with implementation strategies
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I have an agency who manages my digital marketing

Great You have an agency working with your for long. There’s no harm in learning digital marketing for yourself, you would be adding an additional digital marketing brain to your  implementation. You might be able to :

  • Evaluate the performance of your agency
  • Run a detailed analysis of spend Vs ROI
  • Add value to the overall implementation with strategies which are implementable.
  • Reduce your dependency on third party for your marketing campaigns

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