A-Z of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a portal we all are very much aware about and it’s one of the most popular social networking platform as on date, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month, this is staggering as it also presents an ocean of opportunity for marketing, where else in the world you will get more than 1 billion people on a single platform. Sounds really big and exiting, as a marketer this is like a one stop opportunity to interact with over a billion people simultaneously.

Facebook marketing is one very effective way of generating interest among the potential consumers and thereby resulting in increased revenue of the business, this all sounds very interesting and rewarding however without proper knowledge this might lead to ineffective effort with loads of money spent without any actual increase in revenue. There are many critical points which need detailed and strict attention before beginning adverting on this platform, a well thought through marketing plan on Facebook can certainly be a game changer. Following are the points that need a detailed approach are Creation of Business Manager account, Creating ad accounts, Creating a page or fetching an existing one, Content strategy, Timing the ads, Demographic and Psychographic profiling, Tagging, Live Video streaming, Paid promotion, Types of Ads, Ad copy flow, External Text, Descriptive Text, Bidding, Tracking code, Creating streams, Duration, Creating Contests, Organic and Paid reach.

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