Facebook Likes: To be or Not to be


The question is how much one should after getting “Likes” on a Facebook ?

By far Facebook likes have been the most popular parameter that marketers track to measure the effectiveness of efforts deployed. However, it might be worth taking a pause and understand if we are missing out on the purpose that one had behind hosting a particular Facebook page.

How do “Likes” matter?

While it is good to accumulate Facebook likes at the take-off stage of a page; as well as for pages such as individual artists and movies, where it may act as a direct indicator if online users touching the topic. However, business from different verticals aiming to make an impact through social platforms, have a bit of niche audience and marketing goals. Keeping this in mind, it would be much more important to take into consideration other metrics such as Engagement (two way communication with the target audience) and Reach, not just at a page level but also at an individual post level.

What is the next step?

A conscious effort towards sharing fresh content with your audience, with an intention to enhance credibility of the page and the brand could be the starting point to achieve good engagement rate and wider reach. Performance of each historical post should be studies to learn and identify topics that interest the target audience the most. Moreover, once the page starts to mature and the audience network is moderately established it would be good to introduce a pattern in the content. As a result, people will look forward to the new content from your page with enthusiasm. Lastly, keeping a track of individual’s profile liking a page is a demanding but effective way to keep a track of genuine or qualified likes. It would also help in understanding the audience better, monitor competitors and keep away from spammers.
What it all mean?

Have a definite aim/theme for a Facebook page; deliver value to the audience periodically, without being an intruder and sustainable “Likes” will follow. As they say, Keep It Simple Silly!

Authored By: Geetanjali Potdar, Digital Marketing Student At LIPSIndia

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