Is Thank You Page Really Required For a Website

Before we try and understand the utility of a Thank You page for the website let’s try and understand the purpose of a Thank You page.

As soon as a user ends the desired activity on a website he/she is guided to a Thank You page, for example in case of an E-commerce website as soon as the customer finishes shopping he/she is guided to a Thank You page mentioning Thank You for shopping with us.

Thank You page essentially gives you an opportunity to interact with your customer and gives you following benefits or opportunities.

Conversion  Tracking

The purpose of any business is to drive traffic on the website, for this there are multiple platforms where ads are shown, like Google AdWords, Facebook etc., since there is money involved one also needs to understand from where the traffic is flowing and which platform is giving the best ROI (Return On Investment), for tracking from where exactly the traffic is flowing a tracking code is provided by these paid platforms which needs to be placed on the Thank You page, this gives you the idea which platform is giving you best returns and also helps you allocate funds to these platforms. However if submit button is JavaScript enabled the conversions can still be tracked.

URL Parameters

URL parameters are important from the perspective of tracking a user’s behaviour, sales, source and the overall activity that the user has done on your website, these URL parameters help you track the buying that a user has done and the cart size, most of these are encrypted for business purpose and a lot of inferences can be drawn regarding the customer buying pattern, this can help you strategize and customise your offers for that particular customer.

Cross Selling & Up Selling

Who would not want to sell some additional stuff along with the goods that the customer has already bought, the classic offline example of the same is a shopping mall where there are Gondolas kept at the cash counter and a mix of products are kept to encourage impulse buying at the last moment before paying for the shopping done, the same logic is generally not applied for online shopping where a pop will come up with last minute deal as you do not want to distract the user with an offer which might confuse the user and take him back to the shopping page, if integrated with Thank You page this can be replicated in online environment as well, to execute this a pop up can be integrated, the moment customer finishes shopping and moves out a pop of the offer can be shown, for example a user has bought a mobile phone up selling of the accessories is a good idea a pop up offer can present you with this opportunity which will say since you have made a purchase with us this offer on accessory is applicable for the next 10 mins, there is a bright chance that the user might end up buying the accessory which was not planned. Similarly cross selling of the product is possible as well, in a real estate business if an enquiry form is filled the chances are a home loan will be required as well in this case a pop can suggest, since you are buying a flat would you like to have home loan assistance from the banks that we have a tie up with.

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Lead Nurturing

It doesn’t happen always that a customer ends up paying for the product or service that is enquired for, in this case the lead is generated but needs to be nurtured for conversion in future, say for example a customer enquired about your service by filling up an enquiry form and has not confirmed buying, since you have tracked the activity and understood the requirement you can provide him with some free resources which otherwise he would have ended up paying for, this will help you initialise the lead nurturing process for future acquisition of the customer.

One crucial aspect of the entire process is to generate offers dynamically, which means the offers have to be customised basis the user activity so that your efforts of Cross Selling, UP Selling and lead nurturing can be maximised.

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