Digital Marketing Strategy Decoded

Digital Marketing is marketing a product/service online,its different as compared to conventional marketing as its specific, measurable, targeted and intent based.

Digital Marketing Mediums

Digital Marketing Strategy

Define Goals

While defining goals first understand where you are and where you want to reach, this will help you decide what needs to be done.


Competition analysis, one should know competitors and understand what they are doing.

SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats)

SWOT analysis will help you in devising strategies best suited to take advantage of the strengths and opportunities identified, will help you identify and improve on the weaknesses that your business has, also will minimize the risks that are identified as threats.

Define TG (Target Group, buyer personas)

Understanding the target audience helps in developing relevant offerings, also helps in targeting your products/services to the audience that is most likely to use or buy your offerings. Within the decided target group buyer personas can be defined basis demographic and psychographic profiling.

Sales Funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Decision Making, Conversion)

Designing customer journey is key to success, when a customer visits the website guiding him throughout the decision making process from Awareness till Conversion and giving him inputs at every level to encourage him progress in the decision making.

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Explain USP(Unique Selling Proposition)

Unique selling proposition helps you differentiate from competition and gives buyers a reason to consider you over competition.

Highlight Brand

Product or Service offered should get highlighted as in the longer run you would want the brand to be established.

Optimized website

Optimization of the website ensures it consistently features in the organic search which helps in boosting traffic to your website.

Responsive Website

A responsive design of the webpage ensures the web page adjusts as per the size of the device they are viewed on, it’s important as there are multiple devices like Mobile, Tablets, Desktops etc through which a user might view the webpages.

Content strategy

Strong,crisp and effective content is important to engage audiences and discover more about the offerings. Content writing is not a one time job as it requires constant updates.

Channel of distribution

Mediums through which you want to reach your audiences like email, social, apps etc. Every medium is equally important as a collaboration of all makes an effective delivery plan of the strategy.

Google Adwords

  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • YouTube Ads

 Social Media

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Email Marketing

  • MailChimp
  • Adweber


  • Adwords
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Affiliate Marketing

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart

Ad campaigns

Effective ad campaigns include clear communication, are visually compelling and engaging.

A/B Testing

Also known as ad performance testing, having multiple ad copies allows you to test which ad copy is delivering better results.

Clear CTA (Call to action)

CTA should clearly state the desired user response as the space is limited,
and you would want to maximize the response that an ad generates.

SEO Strategy

On page and off page SEO are equally important, on page SEO is important as it ensures organic traffic and helps website feature consistently in the search results, off page SEO ensure traffic from other websites through back links etc. Website loading speed is an important factor of SEO strategy.


Analysis is key to success, once your strategy is in place and you start spending it’s critical to keep analyzing the same in a periodic interval, this will ensure if the results are not coming as desired the changes are made well within time to control spends and make changes that will deliver desired results. There are several tools for analytics like, SEMrush, Hootsuit, Google Analytics etc.

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