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Website Designing Training

HomecoursesWebsite Designing Course
HomecoursesWebsite Designing Course

Website Designing Course

The website designing course has been designed keeping in mind the online needs of the growing website development industry. The course offers a unique blend of front end website designing and the basics of open source language like PHP and database MYSQL. The course also encompasses the concepts of SEO and online Adserver integration. The course not only offers a practical exposure but takes you one step ahead wherein with the completion of the course you would have a website of your own ( we will provide you with a domain of your choice and webhosting space to simultaneously implement your learning’s) which will be your showcase to your potential employers or business partners. The course empowers the student to join the IT industry and have a successful and promising career in website design and development.


Website Designing Course Details

Web Introduction

Understanding website structure- Domain, Sub Domains, Servers, Hosting, CMS, WordPress website creation, Web Pages Creation  

Learnng basic html tags, Anchor, Images, Urls, Listing, Div, class


HTML Introduction HTML Editors HTML Basic HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Headings HTML Paragraphs HTML Formatting HTML Links

HTML CSS HTML Head HTML Images HTML Tables HTML Lists HTML Blocks HTML Layout HTML Forms HTML Iframes

HTML Colors HTML Colornames HTML Colorvalues HTML JavaScript HTML Entities HTML URL Encode HTML Quick List HTML Summary HTML XHTML


CSS Basic CSS HOME CSS Introduction CSS Syntax CSS Id & Class CSS How To CSS Backgrounds CSS Text

CSS Fonts CSS Links CSS Lists CSS Tables CSS Box Model CSS Box Model  CSS Border CSS Outline CSS Margin CSS Padding

CSS Grouping/Nesting CSS Dimension CSS Display CSS Positioning CSS Floating CSS Align CSS Pseudo-class CSS Pseudo-element CSS Navigation Bar


-Introduction & main points revision of css -Grid Structure & Typography -Tables and forms -Images, helper classes

-Glyphicons and dropdowns, Button groups and button dropdowns -Navigation, pagination -Lables, Jumpotron, thumbnails, Alerts, progress bars, Listing, Panels -Bootstrap Plugins


-Introduction & main points revision of css -Grid Structure & Typography -Tables and forms -Images, helper classes

-Glyphicons and dropdowns, Button groups and button dropdowns -Navigation, pagination -Lables, Jumpotron, thumbnails, Alerts, progress bars, Listing, Panels -Bootstrap Plugins


CSS3 Introduction CSS3 Borders CSS3 Backgrounds CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Text Effects CSS3 Fonts CSS3 2D Transforms CSS3 3D Transforms

CSS3 Transitions CSS3 Animations CSS3 Multiple Columns


  Introduction Interface Website Control Starter pages Preferences

Tag Structure & Text CSS Basics Typography Images Links

CSS Controlled Layout Tables Forms User Interactivity (JAVASCRIPT)


Basics of Wordpress

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Website Designing Course Starts

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2017-12-02 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM Pune 47/2 ,Sankla Arcade , First floor ( opposite BSNL telephone exchange) Nal Stop , Karve Road, Pune Maharashtra 411004
10000 - 10000 +Tax

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Our Trainers

Chitralekha Gadhe

An MBA in IT with Bachelors in Computer Science, Chitralekha is the most dedicated backbone of L.I.P.S , very popular with students for IT and Non IT has hands'on experience in Html, Html5, CSS, CSS3, Jquery, SEO, SCHEMA. An attitude which never says no to learning new things. You Got to be her student to experience why she's revered by one and all

Irfana Shaikh

9+ years experience in Html, Html5, CSS, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript, Wordpress, Bootstrap, SEO and SCHEMA. She had worked on various projects in her IT profession. She always share all the professional techniques of web deisgning with students. She worked with the software organizations like Sankalp Computer and systems Pvt. Ltd. and Shri Ameya Soft.

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Added advantages of Website Designing Course from LIPSINDIA.

  • SEO (On page optimization)
  • How to use JQuery plugins.
  • SEO (Off page optimization)

Website Designing Course Testimonials

Website Designing Training FAQs.

What Kind Of Exposure Do I Get At LIPSINDIA During The Website Designing Course ?

During the program you are handed over a subdomain and a server space on which you can implement your learnings and can be shared as a part of your resume

What Is The Support I Get After Completing The Training Program?

LIPSINDIA team will schedule your job interviews with organizations who approach LIPSINDIA for Website Designing resources.


LIPSINDIA boasts of having the most exhaustive content in website designing and is dedicated towards the quality of students. Our endeavour has been to include whats in demand and include that as a part of the program

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