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Advance PHP Training Course

HomecoursesAdvance PHP Training Course
HomecoursesAdvance PHP Training Course

PHP Training Course

With the increase in usage of PHP platforms we at Lavenir institute of professional studies believe the designed PHP training course will equip the student with an excellent career growth. LIPSINDIA- the PHP training institute developed the module for PHP Course keeping in mind, the future belongs to open source. PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language which was designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. PHP is one of the first developed server-side scripting languages to be embedded into an HTML source document rather than calling an external file to process data. PHP can be deployed on most Web servers and also as a standalone shell on almost every operating system and platform free of charge. Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) is a strong competitor to PHP. PHP is installed on more than 20 million Web sites and 1 million Web servers. Software that uses PHP includes open source CMS like WordPress, Drupal and ecommerce platform like Magento. As a premier PHP training institute we take pride in being the very few of training institutes in identifying the real opportunity in Open source careers. 

For all those who have attended any PHP Training course from any other training institute and have been unsatisfied with it, you can enrol with our program at 50% of the course fees or get a disount equivalent to your course fees ( which ever is lesser). You will need to carry your fees receipt to avail this offer.


PHP Trainig Course Details

Introduction To PHP

Basics of Web Applications: -Web Servers, Client Server Architecture; http and request response -Various Technologies and PHP as open source -Domain/DNS/IP Adress/domain name and hosting -Making your development machine ready on your own PHP Web Server, MySQL Installation, Deploying first HTML Static Page to understand the basic working of web server

Html Basics: – HTML Tags – HTML Tag Elements – Tag Attributes, HTML Images, – Lists, Links, Images, Tables, Forms

Css Basics: – CSS Styling – CSS Properties, Span – Div Tags,

PHP Fundamentals

PHP Fundamentals: – PHP History. – Installation Of PHP, MySQL And Apache. – Installation Of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. – PHP Basic syntax.

PHP data Types. – PHP Variables. – Variable Scope. – Examples practice. – PHP Constants.

PHP Expressions. – PHP Operators. -- Embed PHP In HTML/HTML In PHP -Examples practice.  

PHP Control Structures

  – PHP Control Structures OR Control Statements. -Types Of Control Structures OR Control Statements. – If statement with Examples.

  – If else statement with Examples. – If else if statement with Examples. – Switch statement with Examples.

PHP Loops

  – PHP Loops. -Types OF PHP Loops. – For loop with Examples. -While loop with Examples.

  -Do While loop with Examples. -For each loop with Examples. -break continues keywords. -Examples practice.

PHP Functions

- Understand what is function - Need of Function in PHP - Advantage of Function over statements - PHP Function declaration with Example - PHP Function Calling

- PHP Function with arguments - Default Arguments in Function - Scope of Function Global and Local - Recursive Function -  Examples practice  

Types of Function: -User define functions - In Built functions   (include, include_once, require, require_once) - date Function

PHP Forms and File Handling

PHP Forms: – PHP Form handling. -PHP GET, PHP POST. -PHP Form Validation.

Capturing Form Data  - Dealing with Multi-value filed   - Generating File uploaded form   - Redirecting a form after submission  - Image upload with Form   - Sending Mail through mail function using Form  

  – PHP Form Validation Using JavaScript. – PHP Form Validation Using JQuery plugin. -PHP Form (Using CAPTCHA) -Examples practice.

Working with file : -  File Uploading & Downloading -  Open, read and closing a file -  create and Write a file -  Examples practice

PHP Cookies & PHP Sessions

What is a session and why it is required? - Understand the basics of session with browser example - Initialization of session with session_start() function - Usage of session variable with $_SESSION global array - Check availability of session variable with isset() function - PHP session_destroy() function - PHP unset() function to remove data from session variables - Retrieving PHP SESSION variable data - Register and modify PHP session variables

- What is a Cookie and why it is required? - cookie as local variable - Initialization of cookie variable - set cookie() function with different properties - Cookie properties - Setting a cookie in PHP - Retrieving PHP cookies - Expiring/Deleting PHP cookies -  Examples practice


Basic MYSQL database: - Introduction about Database - Working with PHP MyAdmin - Basic MySQL - Why and Scope of MySQL  - Creating Databases - Creating a Databases connection with Web page - Creating Tables in Database - Specifying Field Data Types - Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type - Adding Field Modifiers and Keys

- Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables - Altering Table and Field Names - Adding and Removing Fields and Keys - Altering Table Types - Import and Export database And table through PHPMYADMIN  - Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables - Dropping Databases and Tables - Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information - SQL Queries - Inserting Records - Editing and Deleting Records  - Login Log out model - Examples practice  

Building Shopping Cart or any other project * -How Web Publishing Works in real world -switch statements -Forloop -For each loop ?

Facebook Application

Facebook Applications Creating Fangate Quiz applications  

Contest applications Lead capturing Photo contest applications  

Understanding canvas page PHP developers facebook SDK


Introduction Interface Website Control Starter pages Preferences

Tag Structure & Text CSS Basics Typography Images Links

CSS Controlled Layout Tables Forms User Interactivity (JAVASCRIPT)

Types of Error in PHP

- Understand the Basic syntax and Parse error - Warning errors in PHP - Fatal error in PHP - Difference Between fatal error and warning with example - How to solve errors with debugging concept in PHP -  Examples practice  

Array in PHP

- Understand the need of Array - Difference between Array and Variables - How to define an Array and when to use - What is an index in array - How to store value in array using index - How and when to use arrays - Indexing arrays, numeric and hashes - How to initialize an Array

- Print array using print_r() Function - Difference between echo and print_r() Function - Types Of Array With Example -  Numeric Array in PHP - Associative Array in PHP - Multi-Dimensional Arrays - Foreach loop with key and without key definition -  Examples practice

PHP Array function : Types of Array builtin functions with Example PHP string function : Types of String functions with Example, Examples practice  

Java Script, JQuery and Ajax

Java Script: - Introduction to JavaScript - JavaScript Variables - JavaScript Functions - Events - Onclick, Onblur, Onload, OnSubmit, Onclick etc... - JavaScript Pop up Boxes - Alert Box , Confirm Box , Prompt       Box - JavaScript Client Side Validation - JavaScript Mathematical & Timeout Function - Examples practice

JQuery: - Introduction to JQuery - JQuery Effects:-Hide(), Show(),  fadeIn(), fadeout(),    slideDown(),slideUp(), animate() - JQuery plug-in with example - JQuery Validation - Examples practice

Ajax - AJAX Introduction - AJAX Request - How to send data to PHP using Ajax - Ajax Database - Examples practice

Advanced SQL Query Building

- Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause - Order By - Group By - Having - LIKE - AND & OR Operators - Using Built-In Functions - AVG() - COUNT() - SUM() - MIN() - MAX() - LCASE() - UCASE() - Examples practice

MYSQLI database using POP & OOP Method

- Database basics - MySQLI  Create  - MySQLI  Insert  - MySQLI  Select   - MySQL   Update - MySQLI  Delete  - MySQLI  Truncate - MySQLI  Drop - Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause - Examples practice  

API and Social Media Integration Using PHP

API integration with PHP - Mail chimp API(Application program interface) integration - SMS API  integration with php - 

Social Media integration With PHP - Face book plugins - whatsapp integration - LinkedIn  integration - Twitter integration - Examples practice

CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter Basics - Intro to the Course - What is code igniter and how it works? - Installing CodeIgniter - MVC Architecture - Basic configuration options - Application Flow  - Get Into the file structure - Creating Controllers - Creating Views - Creating Models - Examples practice

Database Integration - Connecting to a Database - Firing queries and generating results - Query helper functions -Query builder Class - Examples practice  

Using CodeIgniter Helpers - CAPTCHA Helper - Cookie Helper - Download Helper - File Helper - Form Helper - HTML Helper - URL Helper - Examples practice

Using CodeIgniter Libraries - Calendar Class - Email Class - File Uploading Class - Form Validation Class - HTML Table Class - Loader Class - Input Class -Output Class - Pagination Class -  Session Class - URI Class - User Agent Class - Examples practice Practice Web Application with CodeIgniter CSS Styling in CodeIgniter - Examples practice


With the growth of open source PHP is ceratinly going to offer enough employment opportunitites

Ecommerce websites,commercial websites and a whole lot of startups use PHP in their web development hence adding to the overall requirement of skilled PHP resources.


Knowledge of Jquery-Javascript 

Basics of Web Designing

Course Highlights

MVC and CodeIgnitor Framework, Mailchimp, SMS API Integration, CMS, Ecommerce Website Creation, Backend and Frontend Panel.

PHP Success Stories


PHP Training Starts

Weekdays Batch

Date Time (IST) City Location Price*(Tax not included)
2018-02-15 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM Pune 47/2 ,Sankla Arcade , First floor ( opposite BSNL telephone exchange) Nal Stop , Karve Road, Pune Maharashtra 411004
14000 - 16500+Tax

×You will be reminded 3day's in advance via SMS/Email.

Weekends Batch

Date Time (IST) City Location Price*(Tax not included)
2018-02-17 10:30 AM - 01:30 AM Pune 47/2 ,Sankla Arcade , First floor ( opposite BSNL telephone exchange) Nal Stop , Karve Road, Pune Maharashtra 411004
14000 - 16500 +Tax

×You will be reminded 3day's in advance via SMS/Email.

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Our Trainers

Pankaj Tiwari

A Master's in computer applicatiion, Pankaj has 5+years of hands'on expereince in PHP, Javascript, Jquery, MySql, MySqli. Dedicated and committed to adding value to our students, he also oversees live projects managed by Lavenir Media and training projects for students.

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Added advantages of PHP Training Course from LIPSINDIA.

  • Refresher Course in HTML/CSS.
  • Basic Concepts of WordPress and Photoshop.

PHP Training Course Testimonials

PHP Training Course FAQs.

Will I be able to successfully create an eCommerce Website after this PHP Course ?

The Course will empower you to create a complete custom built ecommerce website on PHP, infact during the training you can actually create an ecommerce website

What kind of exposure do i get at LIPSINDIA during the PHP training program ?

During the php program you are handed over a subdomain and a server space on which you can implement your learnings and can be shared as a part of your resume

What is the support I get after completing the training program?

LIPSINDIA team will schedule your job interviews with organizations who approach LIPSINDIA for PHP resources.


LIPSINDIA boasts of having the most exhaustive content in php and is dedicated towards the quality of students. Our endeavour has been to include whats in demand and include that as a part of the program

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