We hate Internet Explorer

A quick look at our website on all the major browsers made us realise we had more than enough reasons to hate Internet explorer. Our designer had made some very interesting changes in the CSS to style our webpages look better. Firefox showed a perfect page and we were glad with the development. A quick look of the same pages  on Google chrome and Internet Explorer we found out chrome was bad and Internet explorer was worst. While chrome would fail to show the styling part of it but the basic elements of the page remained intact, while internet explorer distorted the page as well as the styling part. For a designer firefox is daily bread and butter since it offers addon tools to test  quick changes to your html / css codes before you change them permamently on your website. Checking our websites compatibility with firefox is a default option but Internet Explorer and Chrome compatibility our designers often forget to care. Did it have any impact on our customer acquisition and user experience was the next obvious question ? Our Google Analytics account showed we had close to 15% higher bounce rate on IE than Firefox  which meant we lost some users due to IE. Thankfully IE is the third used browser for our website and we hope IE looses its market share much faster. I have personally moved away from IE very long back after couple of very bad experiences on websites features. WE WILL CONTINUE TO HATE YOU INTERNET EXPLORER, because in some time we can afford to ignore you. Look at whats happened to IE from a 90% marketshare few years till now.

IE Vs Google Chrome VS Firefox

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