KYDMT-Part2|Google analytics|Google Webmaster|Google Keywords

Know Your Digital Marketing Terms(KYDMT)- Part 2

Google analytics

Is a free analytics tool offered by google to webmasters which help them track every single event on their website. According to Google analytics is installed on more than 95% of websites globally the next most commonly used analytics tool omniture ,webtrends etc. since most other available tools are paid google enjoys to be leader. The google analytics platform offers a webmaster to track visits , visitors , pageviews ,traffic divide geographically, top viewd pages, avg time spend by user on the website on a particular page. It helps in identifying paid vs a free user visit ,top searches within the website helping the webmaster understand the user behaviour more. It helps the content writer and the webdesigner in identifying whetehr their UX applications are working since the analytics also shares report on bounce rates, user navigation through pages. In nutshell the google analytics tool is an amazing gift to webmasters and we believe it’s one of the most important platform without which a lot of webmasters, digital marketers, web designers and the internet community would have found their jobs pretty tough. You can create a free analytics account or signup using your gmail id password by visiting Google Analytics you can add your wbesite to your analytics pretty much yourself.

Google webamster Tool

Google offers this tool to site webmasters helping them maintain their site health in terms of performance , search results and to users. Its a free tool wherein google sends alerts in case of any malware or virus infection to your website, incase you have pages resulting in errors , blocked urls , content duplication , missing links , broken links and many other such parameters which affect a websites performance in functioning and performance on search engines. You will need to login to Google Webmaster Tool

Google keywords tool

What if an advertiser knew the number of search queries triggered on google search for a particular keyword ,category relevant to the product or service offered by the advertiser ? The advertiser would be in a much better position to advertise more focused and targeted ad campaign and can have customised campaigns, ad messeges and ad responses. This is exactly where google keywords tool comes into picture. It throws an estimate of searches in a category, across a location for keywords, products, services and many such relevant information desired by marketers to structure their digital marketing efforts, whether paid marketing through google adwords or a free traffic generation through SEO. You will need to login to Google Keywords tool

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