10 Common digital marketing mistakes by SMEs

common digital marketing mistake by sme

  • Most companies do not have the rights to their own domain name.
  • After your website is developed and designed your developer should not have access to it.
  • Most companies do not have an access to their google analytics and google adwords account which is absolutely wrong.
  • Most believe internet is a cheaper medium while its not but its more effective and ROI based.
  • You might be pushing your agency too hard for unrealistic results and doing so you might just push them to try underhand tacts.
  • Internet is not an end goal in itself it’s just a means to achieve your goals.
  • Digital marketing effect and impact should be fast, while digital marketing is all about patience and time
  • While with other media forms you can only sit and expect results, in digital marketing you can plan results but you should not overburden your digital marketing efforts with unjustified expectations, you will kill your future prospects.
  • You might be recieving your agencies reports in excel sheets or screenshot images. Your trusting the same is like walking blindfolded guided by your partner.
  • You might think you have the best digital agency working for you so whats the need for an audit? Having spent so much time with digital media agencies we believe most of the time you are just one of the client for them and hence there are chances of few glitches here and there.
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