Why Restaurants Need To Have A Website

My Restaurant Does Not need a website, I am there on Aggregators.  “A Restauranteur”. 

Some common questions that may pop up in your mind are:

  1. I have registered myself already on Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda etc.
  2. How much business will I be able to generate if I have my own website.
  3. What’s the benefit of having my own website?
  4. Will I be able to improve my ROI?

1. Brand Building

The competition is fierce and you have been fighting day in and day out to stand out in the crowd, you are working hard to deliver the right quality to your customers,what a website will do for you is create yourself a brand name, the first thing you will need to establish yourself in the longer run.

2. Single Point Of Contact For Your Customers

The website will become a single point of contact for your customers irrespective of the time, your restaurant might be open or close but your website will keep working for you, a customer might want to order in bulk quantity at midnight when your restaurant is physically closed, but your website will surely be operative and the first thing in the morning when you open you can contact the customer and he will be delighted to see your call as you responded in time. Not only this you will be able to generate leads for future.

3. Ensure you don’t pay for your own customers

Let’s understand this, your customer is convinced by the quality you provide and he likes to keep coming back to you, the customer wishes to order online but since he doesn’t has a direct contact he gets routed to you through one of the aggregators, as a owner you get convinced that the customer has come to you through aggregator whereas the fact of the matter is that customer was looking for you, in this case you end up paying for your own customer as the aggregator will charge for providing you with this customer.

4. Ensure your loyal customers are not driven to your competitors

Whenever a customer searches for your restaurant the aggregators show list of restaurants that are simlilar to yours, it’s not always that the customer will get diverted to some other restaurant but still there are chances that the customer might end up buying from any of the similar restaurant, in this case you have lost your sure revenue, so it’s absolutely critical to have your own website rather than relying on aggregators for your own business.

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5. Build your own loyalty and retention strategy

The competition is aggresive they have their own unique offerings for their loyal or repeat customers and in coming years this is going to be a diffrentiater for sure, once you have your own website you can design your own strategy of gratifying your repeat customers with the help of cash back, loyalty points, wallets etc, this serves a double purpose one it ensures your customers keep coming back to you as they get additional benefits, second this will bring down your cost of aquisition by quite a lot, it’s cheaper to retain than to create new customers.

6.Easy to manage customer database

Though aggregators share database that they have for your restaurant still they might or might not share the entire database, if you have your own website you have complete control on your customer database, how easy it is for you to share your new offering or some exciting news, say you are running a food festival and you want all your existing customers to attend it, if you have the database with you all you need to do is send a mail of personalised invitation, or do a Facebook marketing.

There is no harm using aggregator sites, but having your own website will ensure you get new and unique customers from the aggregators and you pay only for acquiring new customers, and your own website will help you safeguard your existing customers.

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