Digital Marketing – Paving The Way For Women Entrepreneurs #WomanPreneurs

A lot of women have enterprising ideas and wish to start a business of their own, however, they fail to kick start their entrepreneurship ambitions owing to the possibility of failing in the venture and the burn out of money invested in, but with the coming of digital age, quite a few of them are now raring to go.

With lesser investments involved in taking the digital route and a little acquaintance with digital marketing, a lot of them can actually test waters before they go deep diving.

In this thread, we intend to inspire #WomanPreneurs by some who are trying and some who have made it big.  

1. SuTa

Sujata and Tanya MBA’s from IIFT Delhi and IIM Lucknow spent many years in corporate successfully but the inherent wish to be the entrepreneur led the foundation of SuTa which means thread in Hindi and coincidentally is the combination of their names as well, SuTa started with a modest capital in the year 2015 with a group of 4 women, today they have created 14 small groups of women across India and with their passion and perseverant efforts are successful entrepreneurs. SuTa has a wide range of Indian ethnic clothing to choose from available at their online store

2. KolKol

Bayiravi Mani founder KolKol makers of baby carrier is a Gurgaon based entrepreneur who hails from Chennai, the idea was born as she was running her baking business and after the child was born being a nuclear family setup she was facing difficulty of carrying her baby along with running her baking business and that’s how she came up with a solution through KolKol, today she runs the business successfully with the help of an e-commerce website

3. The Clothing Rental

Shilpa Bhatia a fashion entrepreneur began her journey of doing something of her despite having years of experience as a fashion stylist,Shilpa has a degree in Sociology and in fashion design,and she successfully runs her venture called TheClothingRental. The USP of the model is instead of buying designer clothes rent them, the company started in the year 2005 today Shilpa dresses up top names in the media and films and has her own website

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Meenu Goel is a Pune based lifestyle content writer by profession and a fashion girl by passion ,,being a fat child from the beginning she never thought of venturing into fashion, Meenu decided to pursue her passion of fashion and started writing about plus size fashion, the motto behind being every individual is beautiful provided they carry themselves well, in the initial years it was very hectic to manage job and lifestyle based content writing but she kept trying relentlessly for it, with the knowledge of digital marketing she manages her blogs and has created a niche for herself, she writes about everything related to lifestyle like clothes, cosmetics, hair care etc.

5. OM Studio

Rinul was heading a creative agency for six years got struck with an idea while having a causal talk with her teammates it was during the talks that she realised how the modern day lifestyle is taking a toll on health of the people, some were suffering from backache while others were facing issues with sleep disorders and stress, it was her moment of eureka that day, Rinul herself is a yoga practitioner for years and started helping her colleagues with some tips, and the results were amazing they started getting benefits within a week, it was then Rinul decided to extend her knowledge to masses, today Rinul along with Ruby an expert dancer successfully runs Om Studio  which has workshops and classes of Yoga, Zumba and different dance styles.

6. Sweet Boutique by Aditi

Aditi is an artist by nature and her love for cake art blossomed with the influence of international cake-off shows etc. which she was fond of watching right from her childhood. Having a double degree in law it was a difficult decision for her to take up her passion full time, Aditi chose to follow her passion over the obvious choice of doing job. Today Aditi is one of the top 15 cake artists in the country, according to India’s Cake Network Collaboration.

7. PenSitDown

Shivangi is an avid blogger, she started blogging from home as a career cum hobby in 2013, a literature graduate she also hold diploma in Fashion Designing, today she inspires many budding bloggers, Shivangi covers different topics like Technology, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness, Travel, Food etc., and is the founder CEO of


As a fourth year student of engineering Pooja had this dilemma of taking up a full time job or start something of her own, but then she decided to start something of her own, and started making paper jewellery which wasn’t big in 2014, today her small idea has become big and now she runs an online store and sells not only jewellery but personalised items such as T-shirts, posters, notebooks, shot glasses just to name a few.

9. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha is a homemaker based at Noida passionate about cooking, she started in 2007 at the age of 54, and post this she started her YouTube channel in mid of 2011. Nisha is known for her recipes made of easily available ingredients, she has more than 1100 videos to her credit which are published on her YouTube channel and has featured in YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book.

10. Desi Origins

Desi Origins is a venture based at Gurgaon, the venture started in the year 2013 founded by Sreelatha and Gunjan, who used the power of e-commerce to kick-start an online organic products marketplace. The idea behind the venture is to help farmers get them fair price for the products as well as give the customers unadulterated organic foods, the online shop has a wide range of organic products right like Personal care, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Honey just to name a few, available at

11. Matkatus

Matkatus founded by Vidya in Chennai, who was leading a successful career as IT professional for around 10 years in USA, she had a deep affinity for Indian art and wanted to spread Indian textile across the globe, extra care is given to the quality, eco-friendliness and quality in all her products. Matkatus sells hand woven and handcrafted products which are specific to the region they belong to like block printed material from Rajasthan, Kalamkari from Andra Pradesh. The business model does not has a middleman and are directly sourced from the manufacturers and nationally acclaimed artists across India. A wide range of sarees, dupattas, stoles and scarfs just to name a few are available at

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