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Is Search Dying 2

Is Search Dying..?

There is no contradict that in today’s Internet age, Google is the king. In the U.S. alone, Google sites had an audience of 2380 Lakh unique visitors in 2014, reaching 94% of Internet users...

Digital Fraud 8

Digital Frauds

While display advertising is bound to grow bigger, their lies some bitter truth beneath the hoopla created by ad networks, mobile app publishers, ad servers and the ecosystem. A whopping $6.3 Billion ad spend...

likes-vs-engagement 0

Facebook Likes: To be or Not to be

The question is how much one should after getting “Likes” on a Facebook ? By far Facebook likes have been the most popular parameter that marketers track to measure the effectiveness of efforts deployed....

Google Hummingbird 0

Hummingbird Update for Google Searches

Very quietly google has changed the entire search algorithm for its search product. To put it in context we will use a small example.. its like owning a desktop from the 90’s which was...

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