Digital Marketing – Paving The Way For Women Entrepreneurs #WomanPreneurs

A lot of women have enterprising ideas and wish to start a business of their own, however, they fail to kick start their entrepreneurship ambitions owing to the possibility of failing in the venture and... 0 Comment

Why Every Small And Medium Business Owner Needs To Learn Digital Marketing

"I am a business owner and have a team of resources who work for me. I Don't think i should be learning  Digital Marketing" A General thought that most SMB's have . However there are... 0 Comment

Fancy Your Chances To Kick Start A Digital Marketing Career

Whats The Scope Of Digital Marketing A Student Looking To Kick Start A Career: Wide scope caters to all industries. Shortage of qualified digital marketers. More companies are opting for in house team of Digital... 0 Comment

Voice Search : The Future of Search/SEO ( Infographic )

Today’s leading digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now are voice search enabled and growing smarter with every interaction. According to comScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020….

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How To Boost Video Ranking In Search Result ( Infographic )

Videos are the most constant integration in Universal Search. The share of video integrations by Google subsidiary YouTube had 8 out of 10. Video in search result have a 41% higher click through rate (…

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7 Reasons why to use angularjs

Here are 7 reasons why to use AngularJS today.(Infographics)

AngularJS the future generations framework where each tool was designed to work with every other tool in an interconnected way. Here are 7 reasons why to use AngularJS today.

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Guide To Social Media Image Sizes

With right image sizes get your social media platforms optimized and be easily noticeable. Image sizes from twitter and pinterest to instagram and facebook, we give you the complete guide right here in one clear…

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Is Search Dying

Is Search Dying..?

There is no contradict that in today’s Internet age, Google is the king. In the U.S. alone, Google sites had an audience of 2380 Lakh unique visitors in 2014, reaching 94% of Internet users as…

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Email Marketing Trends 2016 (Infographic)

Mobile, automation and dynamic mail are the trends that will drive change in email marketing. The number of worldwide email accounts is project to grow from over 4.3 billion accounts in 2015 to over 5.2…

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Digital Frauds

While display advertising is bound to grow bigger, their lies some bitter truth beneath the hoopla created by ad networks, mobile app publishers, ad servers and the ecosystem. A whopping $6.3 Billion ad spend would... 0 Comment