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Is Search Dying 2

Is Search Dying..?

There is no contradict that in today’s Internet age, Google is the king. In the U.S. alone, Google sites had an audience of 2380 Lakh unique visitors in 2014, reaching 94% of Internet users...

Digital Fraud 8

Digital Frauds

While display advertising is bound to grow bigger, their lies some bitter truth beneath the hoopla created by ad networks, mobile app publishers, ad servers and the ecosystem. A whopping $6.3 Billion ad spend...

digital marketing fundamentals 0

Digital Marketing fundamentals

Digital Marketing fundamentals explained in less than a page World Wide Web provides a huge source of information however to seek something that is simple to understand might be a tedious and time consuming...

Good guys finish last 3

Good Guys Finish Last ??

We have all come across this phrase somewhere or the other. I have often consoled my heart broken friends with this adage. While this phrase might be apt for love , life and this...

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