Considering Lateral/Experienced Hiring For Digital Marketing The way Digital Marketing is getting fierce and competitive simply adding digitalmarketing skills in one kitty does not ensure the success of marketing objectives. In the light of this the real difference in digital…

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Automation Strategy In Google Adwords″ frameborder=”0″ allow= As Digital Marketing Grows and becomes complex it will pave way for marketing automation. Since a large number of metrics are involved in the overall goal accomplishment, it will be difficult for…

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Is Thank You Page Really Required For a Website

Before we try and understand the utility of a Thank You page for the website let's try and understand the purpose of a Thank You page. As soon as a user ends the desired activity... 0 Comment

Digital Marketing – Paving The Way For Women Entrepreneurs #WomanPreneurs

A lot of women have enterprising ideas and wish to start a business of their own, however, they fail to kick start their entrepreneurship ambitions owing to the possibility of failing in the venture and... 0 Comment

Why Restaurants Need To Have A Website

My Restaurant Does Not need a website, I am there on Aggregators.  "A Restauranteur".  Some common questions that may pop up in your mind are: I have registered myself already on Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda etc.... 0 Comment

Digital Marketing Certification You Wanted To Know

"There are many certificates which are available online for Digital Marketing, we have tried to list down some of the certificates which have a global recognition and what importance does each of these certificates hold."... 0 Comment
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Why Email Marketing Fail

"E-mail marketing is an effective tool to connect with prospective customers however not all campaigns yield the same result, so it's important to understand why E-mail marketing might fail." Here are some pointers which every... 0 Comment

Understanding Data Science

What Is Data Science ? Data science is about collecting the data from different sources and processing it to form data sets that can be transformed into statistical models/analysis or try make predictions basis the... 0 Comment

A-Z of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a portal we all are very much aware about and it’s one of the most popular social networking platform as on date, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month, this…

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Digital Marketing Strategy Decoded

Digital Marketing is marketing a product/service online,its different as compared to conventional marketing as its specific, measurable, targeted and intent based. Digital Marketing Mediums Digital Marketing Strategy Define Goals While defining goals first understand where... 0 Comment